The Starbucks logo is being used to spread hatred against Hindus by cartoonist Prasad Bhat.

This is a clear attempt to both politicize and damage the Starbucks brand with that of drinking animal urine. This is an attempt to portray Hindus in bad light who adore animals and even worship cows. Not only is this extremely disrespectful to your customers, but it will also cause brand and reputational damage to Starbucks.

The image can be found at:

Here is a complaint email addressed to Starbucks alerting misuse of their logo and trademark for spreading hatred. To send this email to Starbucks, please fill in the below form, edit the email message to make it more personalised and click on the “SEND EMAIL” button. Be the voice against #Hinduphobia #Bigotry #Hate against #Hinduism and #Hindus.