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On 2nd October, the international non-violence day, INSIGHT UK organized a nationwide vigil across 40 places in the UK with an appeal to stop violence against Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan. 

Recent incident of arresting an eight-year-old Hindu boy under blasphemy laws shocked the whole world.

INSIGHT UK is raising awareness of the denial of human rights and religious freedoms of the Hindus in Pakistan. The country which is not only supporting cross border terrorism but is also terrorising its minorities and dehumanising them in countless ways. Blasphemy laws, kidnappings, forced conversions, driving them out of their ancestral homes, are just some of the miseries they face on a daily basis.

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INSIGHT UK conducted an online survey to gauge and understand from the parents & students the current state of Hinduism in Religious Education in UK schools. The survey proved to be one of the most successful Hindu surveys in the history of the UK, based on the number of responses received and good distribution of responses from all 4 countries in the UK.