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A study by the Henry Jackson Society examined the prevalence of discrimination against Hindu pupils in schools in the UK. The study revealed shocking evidence of Hinduphobia in UK schools.

INSIGHT UK strongly condemns the attack on the High Commission of India (HCI) in London and the desecration of the Indian flag by Khalistani extremists today (19th March 2023).

Reacting to the continued bias and propaganda against India, Hindus and PM Modi and the latest biassed reporting and propaganda-driven documentary by the BBC, the British Indian diaspora organised a nationwide protest against the corporation on Sunday 29th January at 12 noon.

A step-by-step guide to complaining to the BBC.

We, INSIGHT UK, are writing regarding the recent events in Leicester and Birmingham, where the Hindu community has been the target of

Failing Liberty: Tolerating intolerance is breaking Britain 14th October 2022 Dear Prime Minister, Failing Liberty: Tolerating intolerance is breaking Britain.  We write


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