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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 18, 2022  The Hindu community has been a target of organised violence in Leicester over the past 20 days. 

Leicester attack on Hindus: The real story

Over the past few weeks, Hindus and Hindu temples in Leicester have been deliberately targeted and attacked. Violent attacks and vandalism of

British India Diaspora's Contributions

With only 2.5% of the UK population, British Indians are contributing way above that. From education, healthcare, employment, economy, and law and order. We Contribute. We Co-operate. We Co-Exist. We are proud to be British Indians.

On 18th December 2021, Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill posted a Hinduphobic comment after an unidentified man committed sacrilege at the Golden

Nazir Ahmed

Lord Nazir Ahmed retires just as his sordid history catches up with him resulting in the first-ever expulsion of a peer in the history of the House of Lords.


UK Schools spread misinformation about Hinduism, resulting in bullying and racial hate crime, a report suggests.


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British Hindu and British Indian communities to be positively and politically active and assertive

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