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Nazir Ahmed

Lord Nazir Ahmed retires just as his sordid history catches up with him resulting in the first-ever expulsion of a peer in the history of the House of Lords.


UK Schools spread misinformation about Hinduism, resulting in bullying and racial hate crime, a report suggests


Terrible story of the Hindus in Bangladesh, which began with the 1947 genocide and reached a pinnacle during the Bangladesh Liberation War,

Justice for Bangladeshi Hindus

Protests were held outside the Bangladesh Embassy in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh to condemn and raise awareness of the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh.

Silent Vigil

On 2nd October, the international non-violence day, INSIGHT UK organised a nationwide vigil across 40 places in the UK with an appeal to stop violence against Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan.

Protest against the persecution of Hindu in Pakistan

The Hindu community in the UK has been continuously shocked by the persecution of Hindus in Pakistan and has started lobbying the British government to ensure the safety and basic human rights of Pakistani Hindus.


We Inform

Deliver accurate information on the issues that affect British Hindu and Indian  communities

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British Hindu and Indian communities to be positively and politically active and assertive

We Raise Awareness

Attempt to address the issues concerning the British Hindu and Indian Communities

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Guide, represent and work for the unity of the British Hindu and Indian Communities and tackle issues concerning it

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Facilitate cooperation between various like-minded groups and organisations

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Provide support to British Hindu and Indian Communities