Code of conduct

INSIGHT UK is a social movement of the British Hindu and British Indian (BHI) communities. We work on the issues affecting BHI communities through advocacy, awareness and campaign.

This is a practical guide for all those who participate in the activities of INSIGHT UK.

Background to the Guide

We are part of a multicultural and diverse society. INSIGHT UK promotes respect for all regardless of ethnic background, age, gender, health, disability, sexuality, family circumstances and religious/cultural beliefs. This is essential for a harmonious and cohesive society.

Statement of Intent

INSIGHT UK Code of Conduct is guided by the values enshrined in Hindu Dharma.

All members and guests/speakers at/for INSIGHT UK are reminded to adhere to the following values and conduct:

  1. We are pro-Hindu and pro-India. We are not against any religion or nation.
  2. Respect for all through thought, speech and action

Actions to Follow

We expect our members to:

  • Adhere to and promote the spirit of the INSIGHT UK Code of Conduct.
  • Make every effort to correct any deviation of the Code of Conduct at the earliest opportunity.
  • Report any criminal activities or gross misconduct to a member of the National Core Team.
  • Inform our guests/speakers of the INSIGHT UK Code of Conduct guidelines and request them to adhere to them.