Leicester Violence

INSIGHT UK conducted its own research into SOAS and the panel that has been appointed for the inquiry, and our findings raise some grave concerns and serious questions over the integrity and impartiality of the inquiry.

On Monday 18th September, a Leicester Ganesh Utsav was interrupted by Sergeant Ahmed of the Leicestershire Police with the use of what we believe to be excessive force.

One year has passed since the turmoil that unfolded in Leicester, yet justice remains elusive. The discussions often harken back to the events of 1992 and 2002, with a continued quest for answers.

In the face of adversity and injustice, the call for the truth never wavers. Join us in our unwavering demand for justice, one year on, as we remember the incidents of violence in Leicester against British Hindus, their property and places of worship.

A study by the Henry Jackson Society examined the prevalence of discrimination against Hindu pupils in schools in the UK. The study revealed shocking evidence of Hinduphobia in UK schools.

Open letter to the BBC

We, INSIGHT UK, are writing regarding the recent events in Leicester and Birmingham, where the Hindu community has been the target of

Failing Liberty: Tolerating intolerance is breaking Britain 14th October 2022 Dear Prime Minister, Failing Liberty: Tolerating intolerance is breaking Britain.  We write

Over the past few weeks, Hindus, their homes, cars and Hindu temples in Leicester have been deliberately targeted and attacked. Violent attacks

Civil Disorder in Leicester

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 18, 2022  The Hindu community has been a target of organised violence in Leicester over the past 20 days. 

Leicester Attack on Hindus

From late August to the 20th of September 2022, Hindus and Hindu temples in Leicester were targeted and attacked. Violent attacks and vandalism