Hinduism in R.E.


Brief About The Project

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Religious Education (RE) is a mandatory subject in state-sponsored schools in the UK. Many concerns have been raised across the country by parents and educationalists about the reduction in the availability, content and quality of teaching Hinduism in Religious Education in UK schools. Grave errors in resource content, lack of understanding among RE teachers and incorrect references can create a lot of harm. This has an adverse impact on the UK's youth, and this will impact many more future generations to come.

The lack of awareness amongst Hindu students about their religion is leading to issues related to forced conversion, an inferiority complex, bullying, psychological harm and even suicide. At the same time, the lack of awareness about the Hindu religion among non-Hindu students deprives them of a world view, as well as the religion and culture of one of the largest and most contributing minority communities in the country. This results in ignorance and insensitivity towards Hindu people and their beliefs. This can even lead to racial hate crime.

This project of INSIGHT UK was supported and guided by Hindu Forum of Britain, Hindu Council UK, National Council of Hindu Temples (UK), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (UK), Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (UK).

INSIGHT UK conducted an online survey 12th September 2020 and ran for one month till 11th October 2020 to gauge and understand from the parents & students the current state of Hinduism in Religious Education in UK schools. The survey proved to be one of the most successful Hindu surveys in the history of the UK, based on the number of responses received and good distribution of responses from all 4 countries in the UK.

After the survey concluded, INSIGHT UK organised a live webinar on Saturday 24th October 2020 which was viewed by over 300 people. The webinar covered key survey findings and recommendations.

On Thursday 14th January 2021, INSIGHT UK published a detailed report on this project highlighting all the findings and results from all the phases of the project. Please fill the form below and you will receive the report in your email inbox.