Khalistani extremists prevent Indian High Commissioner from entering Glasgow Gurudwara

On the 29th of September, British Khalistani extremists created trouble at the Guru Granth Sahib Sikh Sabha Gurdwara in Glasgow, preventing the High Commissioner of India, Vikram  Doraiswami from entering the Gurudwara.

Khalistani extremists stop HCi from entering Glasgow Gurudwara
Khalistani extremists stop HCi from entering Glasgow Gurudwara

Vikramjit Singh MP hosted Vikram Doraiswami, the Indian High Commissioner to the UK (IHC) at an event where he was graciously facilitated by Sikh Forum International in the UK. During the event, Vikram Doraiswami spoke of the universal message of Ik Onkar meaning one Faith, one God. “Not profit, not alienation of others, not for being exclusive” he added.

Yet extremists, who call themselves Khalistanis were hell-bent on acting of their own accord by disturbing the peace through disorderly behaviour at the Glasgow Gurdwara, preventing freedom of speech and freedom of expression at a private meeting where the IHC was invited as a guest by the committee on a personal visit. Khalistanis despite being asked to leave the premises stayed, overriding the decision of the committee members. They had a single aim to cause chaos, disturb the Gurdwara congregation and prevent the meeting from going ahead smoothly at Glasgow Gurdwara by using sheer force and power to achieve their aim.

The car in which the visiting party arrived stopped briefly outside the Gurdwara where they were heckled by Khalistani extremists waving flags and using immediate threats of violence, intimidation and force. Just as the driver got out of the car, one of the Khalistani extremists tried to force open the rear passenger car door where IHC was sitting and was prevented from doing so by the swift and clear actions of a member of the Gurdwara committee. The driver turned the car swiftly back around upon entering the premises and drove off.

A letter has been written from the Gurdwara committee distancing themselves from the Khalistani extremists. 

Glasgow Gurudwara Condemns Khalistani Extremists
Glasgow Gurudwara Condemns Khalistani Extremists

Police Scotland attended the scene immediately thereafter to investigate the incident against an Indian diplomat who was accompanied by a member of the Scottish Parliament on UK soil. No arrests were made against those involved. Threats against Senior diplomats are a serious security breach which continues despite police protection being promised to the IHC after violent attacks by Khalistanis in London.

Khalistani extremists use violence, intimidation, threats and online abuse against anyone who opposes their ideology, as the community has witnessed repeatedly against people like Harman Singh Kapoor. They attacked his Restaurant, made threats of personal violence against him and members of his family, then splashed red paint to represent blood on his 2 white cars and shot what is believed to be a bullet through the windscreen. This is direct intimidation to prevent him from speaking out against the khalistani separatism and standing for the Sikh community.

Colin Bloom, Independent Faith Engagement Advisor has published the The Bloom Review: An independent review into how government engages with faith. This is a report commissioned by Boris Johnson, where the findings implore the Government to take strong action against anyone supporting pro-Khalistani activists whether overtly or covertly as they wage a war not just against India but a war against humanity.

He warned against “subversive, aggressive and sectarian actions,” using hate-based violence which in effect tarnishes the name and reputation of the Sikh community as these are extremists which is equated with the reign of terror.

Recommendation 16 of the report further asks the Government to investigate extremist activity within the Sikh community to ensure such behaviour does not become a norm in society. The Government should be more discerning when engaging and representing the British Sikh community. With Gurdwara grounds being used as ground to fuel extremist activities clearly more needs to be done.

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