Letter to MPs: Hindu genocide in Bangladesh

An email campaign was run by INSIGHT UK to MPs across the country to raise awareness and urge them to bring this to the attention of all the relevant authorities and ensure that the genocide does not continue.

Dear <MP Name>

I would urgently like to bring to your attention the murder, rape, looting, and more of the Hindu community of Bangladesh which is taking place as we speak. Hindus have been celebrating their annual religious festival of Durga Puja, the largest festival celebrated by the Hindus of Bangladesh. A false social media rumour of blasphemy against Islam spread like wildfire through the majority Muslim nation. Based on this rumour the Hindu community has been attacked continuously for the past seven days. Temples have been looted, attacked, and destroyed; prayer centres where Durga puja was taking place have been set on fire; Hindu homes are being looted and burnt nightly, with the latest conservative estimate that so far over 500 families attacked and homes burnt. At least seven Hindus have been murdered and reports of rape and gang rape of women also reported. Most frighteningly, as reported in the Bangladesh news, even a 10-year-old child was raped who later died. 

The Bangladesh government has been slow to act and continues to do very little to protest its minority Hindu community.

This is the latest in a decade’s long persecution of the minority Hindu community of Bangladesh. A community which once had a population of 28% stands now at under 8%. This is a genocide and estimates show that the Hindu community in Bangladesh will cease to exist in the next 30 years. In the 1971 Bangladesh war of independence alone, 3 million people were killed, and over 200,000 women raped, most of those killed and raped being Hindu. Over 10 million refugees escaped to India, the largest refugee movement in modern history. As you can see, what the Hindu community has suffered can only be described as a holocaust, and on the 50-year anniversary of the war of independence, they continue to suffer to this day. A further list of persecutions is listed below for your information. 

Over 150 protests around the world are taking place this Saturday 23rd October to bring awareness to this issue and force the Bangladesh government to act. 

I ask that you please bring this to the attention of all the relevant authorities and ensure that this genocide does not continue. 

Kind regards