Protecting our democracy

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in his address to the nation on 1st March, called out the Islamist extremists who use protests as a means to cause intimidation, threats and planned acts of violence which undermine British democracy.

PM Rishi Sunak addresses the nation
PM Rishi Sunak addresses the nation

He said that individuals or proscribed terrorist organisations, such as Hamas have a total disregard for the law when they take to the streets and beam antisemitic tropes in the middle of a vote on Israel-Gaza. This shows a total lack of respect for common shared democratic values, which Britain will not tolerate. 

PM Sunak stressed that Britain encourages inclusion and diversity, with respect for identity, regardless of colour, race or background. The Rochdale by-election is a prime example of when this multi-faith democracy is being deliberately undermined by a candidate who failed to acknowledge the series of events which occurred on 7th October. Instead chooses to portray a divisive, hateful political agenda glorifying Hezbollah, endorsed by Nick Griffin. Is this the future of Britain?

The young children of Britain have dreams and ambitions they want to achieve. Ask any young child who they want to be when they grow up and hear their imagination at play. Will a divisive, hateful ideological agenda which teaches young people that Britain is rigged against them because of who they are, allow these young impressionable minds to dream? 

The PM said that all have a democratic right to protest with decency, hold the Government to account, stand loud and proud as leaders, to question divisive antisemitism and hateful ideological agendas. So that no extremist organisations and individuals are excused due to their interactions with the central Government. 

The PM called on the Police to manage and help keep the streets of Britain safe. To restore trust, faith and confidence of the common citizen. 

We urge the Goverment to uphold the democratic values of Britain, to take the right actions against those who undermine what Britain stands for, and deliver justice against any wrongdoers.