Annapoorani: Yet another anti-Hindu movie

Annapoorni-the Goddess of food is a movie made in Tamil Nadu recently. The film has shamelessly denigrated the Hindu faith and hurt the sentiments of Hindus all over the world. 


For Hannah Ellis Petersen of the Guardian writing from Delhi, right-wing Hindus are targeting Netflix and other streaming platforms in protest. The Hindu groups she says are angry about the ‘alleged’ offensive claim made in the film that Lord Rama ate meat. She continues that the film is also being accused of, ‘supposedly promoting Love Jihad’. According to Hannah, right-wing Hindus believe in an ‘unproven conspiracy’ that Muslims are tricking Hindu women into marriage and conversion.

Hannah’s article confirms her anti-Hindu legacy. She has written articles after articles in the Guardian demonising Hindus and the BJP. 

I happened to see this film on Netflix just before it was taken off. It is the most deviously made movie I have seen. Meticulous planning has gone into showing that Hindus are backward and their faith is outdated. Almost three-quarters of the film concentrates on a devout Pujari at Ramesvaram temple in Tamil Nadu one of the holiest Hindu places of pilgrimage. The Pujari has a daughter who wants to become a famous Chef. 

Having gained the trust of the audience that the film is about a positive take on one of India’s holiest shrines it suddenly changes in another direction. The grown-up daughter of the Pujari who wants to be a celebrity Chef has a moral dilemma. As a Vegetarian and daughter of a Pujari of the famous Ramesvaram Mandir how could she cook meat and even eat it?

At this point, her Muslim friend convinces her that since even Rama and Sita ate meat, she should not let this matter come in her way to becoming a celebrity Chef. Furthermore, he argued as a Chef she had no right to question what people want to eat. Nayanthara the actress is convinced by her Muslim friend to not only prepare meat but even eat it. 

Meanwhile, her father the Pujari is sacked from his job by the temple committee for his daughter’s meat eating. The untold message here is that the temple committee is backward. 

The producers of the film arrive at the last scene of the film whereby the budding Chef enters the final round of the competition for the best Chef. She is shown wearing a Hijab and before preparing her Biryani dish she does Namaz. She won the contest and observed that the Namaz she did helped her make the best Biryani. 

The subtleness with which the movie is made and its treacherous tale is designed to humiliate Hindus and the Hindu faith. Hindus are still not cognisant of the challenges they face.