Ayodhya Ram Mandir is not just a temple

Ayodhyā Śrī Rām Mandir is not just a temple, but a symbol of faith, unity and cultural heritage, signifying the triumph of truth, justice and righteousness. It signifies a resurgence of Hindu Dharma which is now more aware, united, confident, proud and strong.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir is not just a mandir (temple)
Ayodhya Ram Mandir is not just a mandir (temple)

We have seen the anti-Hindu forces continuously working to destroy the Hindu civilisation, conquer and take over the land of its roots – Bhārat (India), but they failed every time. For over 2,000 years, Bhārat (India) and the Hindu civilisation has faced continuous onslaughts from foreign invaders hellbent on destroying the great culture and civilisation. They destroyed the centres of cultural significance – Mandirs (temples), libraries and educational institutes. The Hindu civilisation not only survived the onslaught of proselytisation, depredation, sexual misconduct on women and genocide, but it emerged and thrived again and again. Once again we are rising towards our historical glory and place in the world as the Vishva Guru (universal guide).

Śrī Aurobindo once said that, just as Ātma (loosely translated as the Soul) has a place in our body, the source of our Prān – our life energy, that’s exactly how the land of Bhārat is in this world. It is the Urjā (source of energy), the Ātma of over a billion Hindus across the globe. It is the core of our Sanskriti (culture), our civilisation, and our existence.

The various civilisations were destroyed – China, Romans, Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Persians and only remained as part of history books and museums. But the enduring spirit of the Hindus and unwavering devotion to Bhagwān Śrī Rām is a testimony to the fact that the Hindu civilisation, and Hindutva as its essence, is the only living civilisation which overcame the continuous onslaught of destruction by foreign invaders over thousands of years.

January, the historic moment, which is now only a few hours away. It is our immense honour to witness this auspicious opportunity, which has come after numerous sacrifices, struggles and devotion of over 500 long years. Finally, our Rām Lallā is moving out of his tent to his rightful place – a grand mandir (temple).

It is a moment of immense happiness and emotion, even after being so far away from Ayodhyā we can feel the energy. We can only imagine what the people in Bhārat must be feeling being there physically to witness this with their own eyes. We urge all to celebrate this Prāna Prathishthā with all fervour and devotion to welcome Rām Lallā.

Our heartfelt prayers for the Kalyān (well-being) of all and of all those great souls attached to the Rām Mandir movement are a symbol of the resurgence of our pride in our great civilisation.

The Rām Mandir will remind the whole world about the character that our Maryādā Purushottam Rām followed. It will be the greatest symbol of love, humanity, justice, equality, strength and progress.

It signifies the resurgence of Hindus and the valour of Sanātan Hindu Dharma, without which the existence of Bhārat, Bhāratiya and its values are incomplete.

Jai Śrī Rām!