Complaint Process for the BBC: Step-by-Step Guide

BBC Complaints
Complaint to the BBC

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Fill in the form as below

Note each field will present itself after filling in the preceding field.

Click on continue

Step 3

Fill in the form as below

Fill in your complaint using any of the examples drafts below;

  1. Complaint draft 1
  2. Complaint draft 2
  3. Complaint draft 3
  4. Complaint draft 4

Click on continue

Step 4

Fill in the form with your personal details and click on continue.

Step 5

Review your complaint and Submit.

Step 6

BBC will send an email for you to verify your email and officially register your complaint.

Step 7

IMPORTANT!! Note the complaint case number in the email subject that BBC sends you for future reference. You may need it to raise a complaint to OfCOM if the BBC’s response is inadequate.