Hinduphobia motion unanimously passed at the London Assembly

British Hindu Labour Assembly Member Krupesh Hirani’s motion on Hinduphobia was passed unanimously at the London Assembly.

Mr Hirani referenced the Crime Survey for England and Wales, which shows that Hindus are the second most likely religion to have been victims of religiously motivated hate crime.

Home office figures show Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu hate crimes are increasing across England and Wales for racially motivated reasons, such as wearing Hindu symbols.

The motion highlighted the need for the Metropolitan Police to work closely with the country’s Hindu community to fight Hinduphobic crimes which are far too many but not properly recorded.

By embracing London’s diversity the Metropolitan police can once again establish trust and cohesion among the Hindu community by encouraging hate crime to be reported and accurately recording the statistics as racially aggravated offences.

Hirani stressed that the problem of anti-Hindu hate crime cannot be tackled unless it is properly recognised.

We laud London Assembly Member Krupesh Hirani for leading the efforts to tackle the disturbing trend of rising Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu hate crimes