Anti-Hindu hate in UK schools

A study by the Henry Jackson Society examined the prevalence of discrimination against Hindu pupils in schools in the UK and found that it is present in the classroom. Incidents, in the main, emanate from peers but there have been concerns that some schools’ approaches to teaching Hinduism are fostering prejudice.

The study revealed shocking evidence of Hinduphobia in UK schools.  Examples include Hindu students being told to convert to Islam by their Muslim classmates to avoid getting bullied.

Report: Anti-Hindu Hate in UK Schools
Report: Anti-Hindu Hate in UK Schools


This is the first study of its kind looking into anti-Hindu hate in the UK. Below are the key findings.

  • 51% of parents of Hindu pupils surveyed report that their child has experienced anti-Hindu hate in schools whilst fewer than 1% of schools with Indian pupils queried by FOI reported any anti-Hindu-related incidents in the last five years.
  • Teaching on Hinduism has been reported by some participants of this study as fostering religious discrimination towards Hindu pupils.
  • 19% of Hindu parents surveyed believe schools are able to identify anti-Hindu hate.
  • 15% of Hindu parents surveyed believe schools adequately address anti-Hindu-related incidents.


Watch the anti-Hindu hate in schools report launch webinar.