Metropolitan Police cracking down on rogue officers

Metropolitan Police is cracking down on convictions within the police force in an attempt to root out rogue officers with 1,000 Met Police officers suspended or on restricted duties.

They claim “1 in 34 are suspended or restricted” in their duties for gross misconduct or alleged misconduct. These alarming statistics have risen over the past year with more investigations underway.

Sir Mark Rowley, Met Police Commissioner says, “he had absolutely no choice other than to take action and restore trust.”

Suella Braverman, Home Secretary announces further plans to sack rouge officers as presumably anyone found to have committed gross misconduct will be sacked.

Greater accountability will mean additional responsibility for officers to account for their own behaviour in public and comply with the police forces internal code of ethics at all times.

In the aftermath of the recent Leicester incidents involving Sgt Ahmed, cultural sensitisation of the police force can help more to become aware of cultural and ethnic needs in the community and over time perhaps even build bridges between the police force and the community at large restoring broken ties.