Preet Kaur Gill’s Hinduphobia

MP Preet Kaur Gill's Hinduphbia

On 18th December 2021, Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill posted a Hinduphobic comment after an unidentified man committed sacrilege at the Golden temple in Amritsar, Punjab.

Preet Kaur Gill posted “Hindu terrorist prevented from an act of violence at the Sikh Holy shrine of Harmandir Sahib, (Golden temple) against Sikhs.”

MP Preet Kaur Gill Hinduphobia


Preet Kaur Gill was quick to assume the culprit was Hindu even before the authorities had conducted their investigation. The culprit was in fact taken away and lynched. And the identity of the man remains uncertain.

Preet Kaur Gill has clearly exposed her hatred for Hindus and consequently her Hinduphobia.

Our Demand

Our demand is simple. MP Preet Kaur Gill must publicly apologise and must be suspended from her role as a Member of Parliament.

Our response

We (INSIGHT UK) have responded as follows;

  1. A series of social media posts condemning and raising awareness of Preet Kaur Gill’s Hinduphobia
  2. Wrote letters of complaints via email to the Labour party
  3. Wrote letters of complaints via email to the UK Parliament Commissioner 
  4. INSIGHT UK West Midlands team is further pursuing to contact MP Preet Kaur Gill’s office

results / Responses

The following has thus far been achieved

  1. The Parliament Commissioner responded by advising us to complain directly to the Labour party via their complaints procedure and following that, we can file a police complaint for hate speech
  2. The Labour party responded with having spoken to MP Preet Kaur Gill, she regrets her comment and had since deleted her tweet
Response from the Parliament Commissioner
Response from the Parliament Commissioner
Response from the Labour party
Response from the Labour party

Simply regretting her comment is not at all good enough. MP Preet Kaur Gill clearly has irrational issues with Hindus and has exposed herself as a person who is a Hinduphobe. We will continue raising our voice and demand the Labour party takes strict action against Preet Kaur Gill and the issue of Hinduphobia within the party.

Open letter to the leader of the opposition sir keir starmer

An open letter was sent to the Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer by over 200 people via email. We are yet to receive a response.

Open letter to Sir Meir Starmer