Rebuttal of Audrey Truschke’s Time Magazine piece on Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi

An extremely biased and derogatory article titled “India’s Ayodhya Temple Is a Huge Monument to Hindu Supremacy” by Audrey Truschke was published on 19th January 2024 by Time.

Audrey Truschke
Audrey Truschke

Ms Truschke chose to spew this venom on the consecration of the new Shree Ram temple in Ayodhya. What should have been a report praising the victory of justice, in the Hindu struggle to reclaim their Vatican; was unfortunately, a false and imaginary account of a supremacist(?) takeover by the Hindus. 

The Babri structure was never an indigenous monument, it was erected by an outsider, an invader called Mir Baqi, a commander of the Mogul dynast Babur, in 1528. The Moguls had invaded erstwhile Bharat (India) and had unleashed an orgy of death, destruction, humiliation and dishonour on the unarmed Hindu civilians of India. 

After witnessing the 7th October Hamas attack on Israel, it is not difficult for the world to imagine the barbarity of the invading forces with a similar mindset! As a part of the humiliation, the grand temple at Ayodhya, which stood in all its grandeur for well over 500 years before Babur even stepped foot in India, was destroyed and a structure intended to be a mosque was built on the exact same place, where Bhagwan Shree Ram was born! Now that is historic fanaticism! Despite Islam prohibiting the building of mosques on other religious sites, the Babri Masjid was built.

Coming to the true history, there is written evidence of the presence of the temple before the mosque as well as that of the destruction of it by Mir Baqi. There is ample archaeological evidence available in support of a pre-existing temple (the report created by the Archaeological Survey of India), and it is important to note that Mr K K Muhammad, a Muslim archaeologist, prepared this report.

An inscription on a stone dated in the 11th century, which details the beauty of the Shree Ram mandir, was also a find of the excavation. Numerous references to a Shree Ram temple were also found in literature dating to many centuries before 1528, the year of Shree Ram temple destruction.

Ever since the destruction of the ancient Ram Temple in 1528, the Hindus continued to fight for their right and honour. There were close to 76 battles fought to reclaim the Temple. During this long and arduous period, the Hindus continued to show their devotion to Shree Ram by constantly carrying out prayers at the site of the Ram temple. 

No Muslim prayers were ever conducted on this site in a regular manner. The final battle to return the birthplace area to the Hindus was conducted in a court of law. The matter had been sub-judice for well over 200 years. The case was first heard during British colonial times. Ultimately the Supreme Court of India reexamined the case with a jury (consisting of a Muslim judge as well).

So as can be seen, the fight to build a Shree Ram temple is not to establish supremacy but to reclaim what rightfully belonged to the Hindus.

The author subsequently talks about the riots in India, claiming only  Muslims suffered as a result. But this is far from the truth, hundreds of Hindu kar sevaks were killed by the administration in the previous years, and thousands more were traumatized by the widespread violence. She calls the Indian leadership divisive, but she disrespects death by segregating people according to their religion. To divide the dead into religions is not just divisive but outright heinous. She also completely forgets to mention the organised Islamic terror attacks by an International terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

In March 1993, after the demolition of the Babri mosque, serial bomb blasts were orchestrated in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai,  which killed and mimed 1500 innocent Indians!

It is indeed unfortunate that bias in reporting disadvantages the truth and we do know that by the time truth laces up its shoes, the lie has travelled around half the world!

But we Hindus believe in “Satyamev Jayate”; only truth will be the victor! No matter how many lies are made to spread worldwide at a fast pace, truth will stand out; in archaeological evidence, literature evidence, social customs and the memory of the generations that fought!