Strong objection to MP Rachel Hopkins meeting with members of JKLF UK terror group

INSIGHT UK has expressed its strong objections and deep concerns against the recent meeting which took place between Rachel Hopkins, Labour MP for Luton South and members of Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front UK (JKLF UK) – an organisation which has committed terror atrocities against Indians, India and undermines India’s sovereignty.

MP Rachel Hopkins meets JKLF terror outfit
MP Rachel Hopkins meets JKLF terror outfit

In a letter addressed to Rachel Hopkins and in a series of social media posts, INSIGHT UK has pointed out to Ms Hopkins that JKLF is a known terrorist organisation, responsible for numerous acts of violence, including the killing of Muslims and minority Kashmiri Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The JKLF was also responsible for the heinous kidnapping and murder of Indian High Commission official Ravindra Mhatre in Birmingham, UK in 1984.

INSIGHT UK, a social movement focusing on raising awareness for British Hindu and Indian
communities, has expressed outrage over MP Rachel Hopkins' recent meeting with members of JKLF UK, a known
terrorist organisation responsible for violence, including the abduction and killing…

— INSIGHT UK (@INSIGHTUK2) April 22, 2024

We have vehemently condemned Hopkins’ decision to engage and meet individuals associated with JKLF UK, particularly lending support to Yasin Malik, a convicted terrorist responsible for orchestrating killings and taking the lives of innocent civilians in Kashmir, is not only deeply troubling but wholly unacceptable because these interactions lend legitimacy to JKLFs terror activities.  

We also expressed our strong condemnation of any attempts to raise the issue of Kashmir in a manner that interferes with India’s sovereign matters. Kashmir is an integral part of India, and attempts to meddle in its internal affairs only exacerbate tensions and undermine the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Rachel Hopkins fails in her duty to uphold the principles of democracy, peace, and justice. Advocating meetings with terrorist organisations and supporting individuals like Yasin Malik is deemed to send the wrong message to constituents, and undermines faith, trust and cohesion with the international community, especially without consulting Kashmiri Hindus who have been persecuted out of their homeland. 

Ms Hopkins should refrain from any further interactions with individuals or groups that have a history of violence and terrorism. Hopkins must prioritise the safety and security of all citizens, both at home and abroad, and work towards fostering peace and stability in the region.

Furthermore, INSIGHT UK has sent a factsheet on the terrorist organisation JKLF to Hopkins for her reference and called upon the Labour Party to take strong action against her.

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