Two Hindu children murdered by Muslim extremists during Ramadan in India

The horrific murder of two Hindu children in the month of Ramadan by Mohammad Sajid and Mohammad Javed has sent shock waves across India.

Mother of the two children Ayush and Ahan

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, in the Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh, Sajid slit the throat of 13-year-old Ayush and 6-year-old Ahan, and left a third child severely injured, while his accomplice Javed waited downstairs with a motorbike.

The killer Sajid came to the family’s house on the pretext of asking for monetary help. The mother of the children not only gave him Rs 5,000 but also made tea for him. The murderer Sajid then went up and slaughtered her two boys, severely injuring the third.

Witnesses and family members said that the killer drank the children’s blood and is being investigated by the local Police.

Shockingly the murderer and his brother were known to the family and the children who used to go to them for haircuts, trusted them.

The chilling details of the murder reveal that when Sajid returned from the terrace where he killed the minors, he was carrying a shaving blade in his hand and was soaked in blood. He told Sangeeta, the mother of the boys, “I have done my work today”.

On March 21, the autopsy report was made public, as per which there were as many as 23 stab wounds on the dead bodies of the two minors.

The inconsolable and wailing mother asked –

Which “Prophet” did my Children comment on?

What “Islam” did my Children comment on?

My children didn’t even know the difference between “Hindu and Muslim”.

My children used to call Mohammad Sajid and Mohammad Javed brothers.

Sajid, who ran a barbershop in Badaun, had fled after murdering the two Hindu children with a knife (ustra) and was later gunned down in an encounter with Uttar Pradesh police on the same day. On the 21st of March Sajid’s brother Javed, who was there during the incident and had escaped, was arrested by the Police.