Report: British Media and Perception

INSIGHT UK is pleased to introduce the British Media and Perception Report, a comprehensive study conducted to gain insights into the sentiments of the British Hindu and British Indian (BHI) communities regarding their portrayal by the news media in the United Kingdom.

This report marks our inaugural nationwide survey, aimed at fostering a better understanding of how community members perceive media representations.

Examining how the media portrays a particular community is essential to promote fairness, accuracy, and inclusivity. By challenging biases, stereotypes, and misinformation, we can contribute to a more informed and empathetic society that respects the diversity and dignity of all communities.

INSIGHT UK is an organisation that aims to address the concerns of the British Hindu and British Indian (BHI) communities.

From November 2022 to February 2023, a survey was conducted asking Hindus and Indians living in the United Kingdom about what they thought of the British media. We asked how they felt they were being represented and whether they felt they were being covered accurately and depicted fairly.

The 2021 census recorded 1.03 million Hindus and 1.86 million Indians in England and Wales alone. To get a truly accurate reflection of this BHI population, the survey required a minimum of 385 participants to ensure a high level of confidence and a low margin of error. The response far exceeded expectations with 2,061 respondents and strong representation across all regions of the United Kingdom.