INSIGHT UK hosts Rajiv Malhotra for the launch of his books in London

London, June 10th — INSIGHT UK, a social movement of the British Hindu & Indian communities, successfully hosted an exclusive event featuring renowned Indian American author, academic and thought leader, Mr Rajiv Malhotra. The event took place on Saturday, 10th June in London, and saw the enthusiastic participation of the British Indian diaspora.

Rajiv Malhotra UK Tour
Rajiv Malhotra in London

The evening served as a momentous occasion to launch Rajiv Malhotra’s highly anticipated book, “Ten Heads of Ravana – A Critique of Hinduphobic Scholars”. The book is an anthology which exposes Hinduphobic scholars like Wendy Doniger, Audrey Truschke, Sheldon Pollock whose Freudian psychoanalysis of Hinduism produces outcomes which are both incorrect and unacceptable to Hindus. Rajiv Malohotra in his talk to a packed audience on Saturday, said that Hinduphobia has existed for a very long time, in many forms and is continuously evolving. He defined Hinduphobia as particular doctrines and methodology driven by an agenda, producing certain kinds of results on Hinduism.

The second book to be exclusively launched at the event was Varna, Jati, Caste’ a primer on Indian social structures. Rajiv Malhotra stressed that Ambedkar must be studied to succeed against the battle on ‘Caste’ that has arrived on the western shores aimed at attacking the Hindu diaspora and disempowering them.

INSIGHT UK, in collaboration with esteemed community partners, organised this event to provide a platform for the British Indian diaspora to engage with Rajiv Malhotra and understand the critical issues facing theHindu and Indian diaspora. The audience had the opportunity to interact with the author, gaining deeper insights into the themes explored in the book and fostering a greater understanding of Hinduphobia and frameworks needed to counter it. 

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Rajiv Malhotra also emphasised the need to protect India’s true civilizational legacy and history, preventing any misappropriation and misrepresentation. For this he made a call for action, urging that everyone had a role to play.. He even encouraged the diaspora to join INSIGHT UK to actively participate in a grassroots social movement for British Hindus and Indians.

The event also saw a robust sale of heavily discounted books by Rajiv Malhotra. Guests got a fantastic opportunity to not only buy books from an amazing collection but also get their copies signed by the author Rajiv Malhotra himself.

INSIGHT UK extends its sincere gratitude to Rajiv Malhotra for gracing the event and sharing his remarkable insights. The organisation also acknowledges the support and participation of the British Indian diaspora, whose enthusiasm and engagement added immense value to the occasion.

Rajiv Malhotra in London - Group Photo
Rajiv Malhotra in London - Group Photo
Rajiv Malhotra in London - Book Signing
Rajiv Malhotra in London - Book Signing