Open letter to the BBC

Open letter to the BBC

We, INSIGHT UK, are writing regarding the recent events in Leicester and Birmingham, where the Hindu community has been the target of organised violence.  The Hindu and Indian community feels let down by major broadcasting houses, including the BBC, whose reporting on these incidents has come across as anti-Hindu in its sentiment. We consider that it has only served to further incite hatred and propagate further divisions between communities who have otherwise been living relatively peacefully side-by-side in these cities.

The misinformation that has circulated on social media sites regarding these attacks has portrayed the Hindu community as perpetrators of this violence.  Much of it has been instigated by the actual offenders, Islamists who wish to destabilise the peaceful co-existence of diverse religions, and worse still, increase the incidence of Hinduphobia in our communities.

As a community, Hindus make up much of the British Indian diaspora (1.5 million British Indians in the UK) and have always been one of the most peaceful and law-abiding groups of citizens in the UK.  British Indians make up less than 0.5% of the total prison population (185 out of 78,324 inmates) in the UK, reflecting the highest values we as a community strive to live by. British Hindus and Indians also continue to be one of the most economically successful minority groups, with 654 Indian diaspora-owned companies collectively investing around £2bn in the UK economy through capital expenditure. British Hindus have integrated into UK society, quietly and humbly contributing to Britain in various fields, yet as a community we continue to be targeted and belittled.

We question why it is that with regards to the recent violence in Leicester and Birmingham and historically in relation to other Hindu issues, the BBC’s reports about the Hindu community are negative, biassed and containing mistruths. 

In recent weeks, it seems that evidence-based reporting is something that the BBC has discarded, only to peddle misinformation.

  1. The questionable sources interviewed by the BBC in its reporting include Majid Freeman. Freeman is a known sympathiser of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. He has openly justified and celebrated ISIS fighters on social media. His comments on the kidnapping of a Muslim girl by Indian men and the desecration of the Qur’an have been reported by the BBC without supporting evidence. The Leicestershire Police has stated that neither event took place. 

  2. The BBC has maintained on several occasions that ‘Hindutva’ elements are involved, suggesting that the Hindu community harbours extremist elements in its midst. No evidence of this has been provided, beyond speculation. 

  3. We note that in its early reporting around the issue, there was a lack of Hindu representation in the BBC’s coverage.

  4. We also have noted that the BBC has not mentioned the involvement of Islamists in the violence, for which there is ample evidence.

In this climate, we wish to remind the BBC of the law-abiding nature of the Hindu community and the absence of ‘Hindu terror organisations’ or ‘Hindu terror attacks’ anywhere around the world, let alone on UK soil. We call for the BBC to cease its false reporting. Anti-Hindu sentiments are on the rise; as a public broadcaster, the BBC should have no role in fanning these flames. 

We also wish to remind the BBC that:

  1. It is a corporation funded by the taxpayer and as such obliged to be impartial and unbiased.
  2. Its mission, as stated in the Royal Charter is:  “to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain.”.

We accordingly ask the BBC to apologise for the distress caused to the British Hindu community  through its reporting and remove all misinformation and unevidenced claims from its broadcast and print content. At a time at which there is a real threat to the security of Hindus in the UK, with the risk of further creating disharmony in our society, it is imperative that the BBC reports with integrity and responsibility to all citizens.

We are open for dialogue and to having a face-to-face meeting to further discuss this matter. We look forward to your response via

Yours sincerely,



Open letter to the Prime Minister of the UK

Open letter to the prime minister of the UK

Failing Liberty: Tolerating intolerance is breaking Britain

14th October 2022

Dear Prime Minister,

Failing Liberty: Tolerating intolerance is breaking Britain. 

We write to draw your attention to the recent disturbances in Leicester, Birmingham and other towns which have greatly distressed the Indian and Hindu communities in the UK. Hatred towards the Hindu community is at an all-time high, to the point where there has been open violence, intimidation, and abuse levelled at Hindus through physical assaults, harassment on social media, and most recently through soft targeting in schools and the workplace. 

The Hindu community has made the United Kingdom it’s home for more than half a century. We are less than two per cent of the population, and yet, our contribution, of which you no doubt are aware, is significantly higher both in terms of socio-economic contribution to the British economy and by way of social integration as well as upholding our progressive British values. The Hindu community is one of the most law-abiding, as evidenced by the imprisonment statistics.

Yet, today, we feel like a community that is under siege. As a last resort, we write to you to draw your attention to our plight, and the long-term consequences of what is unfolding. 

You must be aware of the violence in Leicester and the aggressive protests outside a temple in Birmingham as well as the vicious attempts to harass the Hindu community in Nottingham and outside London’s iconic Sanatan Mandir in Wembley. Although the causes of what happened in Leicester are many and complex, the bottom line is that a marginalised Hindu community has been targeted through violence and intimidation. This Hindu community now lives in a state of fear. While some families have already left the neighbourhood, many more are preparing to relocate. It is worth noting that a small, but highly organised band of radical Islamists took full advantage of the community tensions that existed between this marginalised Hindu community and their Muslim neighbours, which had previously lived in peace. A storm of misinformation was wilfully created on social media with open incitement for violence against Hindus. As a consequence of this vicious campaign, numerous Hindus were physically assaulted, Hindu homes targeted and cars which showed any Hindu symbolism were vandalised. While the media widely reported it as a clash between the two faith communities, it failed to explain why the damage suffered was almost exclusively by the Hindus. It is frightening for the beleaguered Hindu community of Leicester to see that the perpetrators of these crimes are still walking freely. 

Those who dared to speak the truth in the press and on social media were threatened.  Many Hindu speakers from Leicester who spoke to the media now live in fear and have had to seek police protection while carrying panic alarms at all times.  Sections of the Hindu community are, in practice, being deprived of the basic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion which are central to our liberal way of life.

It is worth noting that the police, although slow to react, have by and large performed their duty to the best of their ability, but failed to protect Hindus with certain events which took place. The Hindu community dreads the time when extra police patrolling is lifted. 

Our appeal

First, to ensure that the Police are actively investigating the most recent crimes against the Hindu community as set out in this letter;

Second, to declare and ensure financial support is provided for the victims of these riots, including businesses in Leicester that have been vandalised during the riots;

Third, to commission an independent investigation into anti-Hindu hatred and its causes, which will go a long way in raising awareness of this problem amongst the key institutions of our society;

Fourth, to recognise the threat of British homegrown extremism and how certain parts of Britain have become hubs of radicalisation; 

Fifth, help us fund training for teachers so that they are aware of and can identify and deal with anti-Hindu hatred in schools; and

Sixth, to ensure that sufficient security is provided to the Hindu community both in the short-term and the long-term, including sufficient security during the celebration of Diwali around the UK.

The above proposals and/or recommendations will go a long way in repairing the damage that has been done to so many by an extremist few. 

We truly hope that you will take our concerns seriously and act upon our appeal. We are prepared to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make our country a leading light in the world. 

Thank You

Signatory Hindu community organisations and temples

  1. Advocacy for British Hindus & Indians (ABHI), UK
  2. Anand Milan Centre, Bradford
  3. ANKUR, Merseyside
  4. Arya Samaj (Vedic Mission) West Midlands
  5. Aryan Cultural Society
  6. Aylesbury Hindu Temple Trust
  7. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha UK
  8. Basingstoke Hindu Society
  9. Bengali Hindu Adarsh Sangh UK (BHAS UK)
  10. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Manchester
  11. Bihari Community
  12. Bihari Connect UK Ltd
  13. Bolton Hindu Forum
  14. Bolton Indians Sports and Social Club
  15. Bradford Bengali Hindu Cultural Society
  16. Bradford Hindu Council
  17. British Hindu Voice (BHV)
  18. Bromley Temple Trust
  19. Charotar Patidar Samaj, Leicester
  20. Chelmsford Hindu Society
  21. City Hindus Network
  22. Derby Hindus
  23. Derby Kannadigaru
  24. Dr. Ambedkar UK Mission (AUM)
  25. East Midlands Hindu Samajam
  26. Edinburgh Hindu Mandir & Cultural Centre
  27. Friends of India Society International (FISI), UK
  28. Friends of Madhya Pradesh UK Chapter
  29. Gayatri Pariwar UK Croydon
  30. Gita Bhawan Hindu Temple Manchester
  31. Gita Foundation
  32. Global Hindu Federation Ltd
  33. Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora
  34. Greater Manchester Bengali Hindu Cultural Association (GMBHCA)
  35. Greater Manchester Malayalee Hindu Community
  36. Greenwich Hindu Temple
  37. Gujarati Association Wolverhampton
  38. Gujarati Rajput Samaj UK, Birmingham
  39. Gurjar Hindu Union, Crawley
  40. HCRC Durga Bhawan, Smethwick
  41. Hindu Cultural Association (Mata Da Mandir), Dudley
  42. Hindu Cultural Organization’s Radha Krishna Temple, Liverpool
  43. Hindu Cultural Society, Slough Hindu Temple
  44. Hindu Cultural Society Grimsby
  45. Hindu Cultural Society of Cleveland
  46. Hindu Education Forum
  47. Hindu Forum of Europe
  48. Hindu Forum Walsall
  49. Hindu Lawyers Association (UK)
  50. Hindu Mandir Network UK
  51. Hindu Matters in Britain
  52. Hindu Medical Association UK
  53. Hindu Punjabi Sabha
  54. Hindu Samaj Swindon
  55. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (UK)
  56. Hindu Temple Geeta Bhawan Derby
  57. Hindu Temple Society Coventry
  58. Hindu Think Tank UK (HindusinUK)
  59. Hindu Youth Association
  60. HinduNaree
  61. IDUK Group (Indian Diaspora in the UK)
  62. Indian Association Oldham
  63. Indian Community Centre, Belfast
  64. Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation, Northampton
  65. Indian National Students Association UK
  66. Indians in London
  68. Inspiring Indian Women (IIW)
  69. Institute of Jainology
  70. International Centre for Cultural Studies (ICCS UK)
  71. International Dogra Society
  72. ISKCON Manchester
  73. Jain Yog & Meditation Centre
  74. Jammu Kashmir Study Center UK
  75. Kannada Balaga Swindon
  76. Kannada Hindu Organisation UK (KAHO UK)
  77. Kashmiri Pandit Association of Europe (KPAE)
  78. Kent Telugu Community
  79. Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Belfast
  80. Leeds Durga Puja and Diwali Association
  81. Leeds Pragati Mandal
  82. Leuva Patidar Samaj Leicester
  83. Liverpool Ganesh Temple
  84. Lohana Community East London
  85. London Institute of Vedic Education
  86. Lord Rama Krishna Temple Warrington
  87. Luitporia Nasoni and NEICCUK
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  94. National Council of Hindu Temples
  95. National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage UK
  96. National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)
  97. NCGO National Council of Gujarati Organisations UK
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  99. North West Marathi Organisation (NORWEMA)
  100. North West Telugu Sangam (UK)
  101. Odia Cultural Association London (OCAL)
  102. Odisha Society of UK
  103. Odiya Samaj of Midlands
  104. Organisation of Hindu Malayalees (UK)
  105. Overseas Friends of BJP (UK)
  106. Pushti Nidhi UK Ltd (Shreeji Dham Haveli)
  107. Ramdevpir bhajan mandal
  108. REACH India Group
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  112. Sampark Bharati
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How Fake News Was Used To Incite Hate and Attacks Hindus in Leicester

How fake news was used to incite hate and attack Hindus in Leicester

Over the past few weeks, Hindus, their homes, cars and Hindu temples in Leicester have been deliberately targeted and attacked. Violent attacks and vandalism of homes by Islamist mobs over 3 consecutive nights on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September, have left the Hindu community in Leicester afraid for their safety. What followed were two weeks of fake cases being filed against largely innocent Hindus by  radical Islamists, rumours spread on social media and violence incited against Hindus in Leicester. At least nine (likely more) Hindu families have felt the need to leave their homes due to the repeated attacks. Saturday 17th September was another dark night where Hindus were attacked, leaving many injured. On Sunday 18th September, Hindu businesses were attacked and around twelve cars were reportedly damaged.

How fake news was used to incite hate and attack Hindus in Leicester
How fake news was used to incite hate and attack Hindus in Leicester

Status as of now (02/10/2022): A few Hindu families are yet to return to their homes. Hindus have removed religious symbols from their homes, cars and properties. People are afraid to wear any religious symbols like Kalava or Tilak. Hindus who attempted to bring the truth out via the media and expose the radical Islamists have received threats. On one Twitter thread, it is reported that school children showing sympathy for the Hindu victims in the Leicester riots are being targeted and harassed. [1]

Fake story 1: Death to Muslims chants

On Sunday 28th August, India cricket fans of multiple religious backgrounds celebrated on the streets of Leicester after India’s victory over Pakistan in the Asia Cup cricket match. After a ruckus when one person who was alleged to be drunk, snatched an India flag out of a fan’s hand, assaulting him and those around him. In response, he was confronted by India cricket fans who were upset at the man’s abusive behaviour and disrespect that was shown to the Indian national flag. He was physically rebuked by a handful of cricket fans. A few of the India cricket fans tried to calm the man down and looked after him to ensure that the situation was under control. Fans chanted ‘Pakistan Murdabad’, meaning ‘down with Pakistan’, in reference to the defeat of its cricket team at the hands of the India cricket team. No mention of Islam or Muslims were made. No political sloganeering was chanted. The cricket fans consisted of all faith backgrounds. [2] 

An email sent on 31 August from the police (Chief Inspector Paul Allen) to the Leicester Council of Faiths, states that there were chants, “calling for (we believe) ‘death to Muslims’ in Hindi”. [3] This did not happen and there is no evidence for this. Some simple due diligence by checking the videos or consultation with the community for the translation would have provided this clarity. This careless and false statement was used by Islamists to incite violence against Hindus, on the basis of something which did not transpire. 

On 1st September, Chief Inspector Paul Allen sent a clarification email that states 

Good morning all, I need to provide an important update regarding the allegations that we are investigating in relation to the cricket last Sunday.

On Tuesday afternoon it was reported that the chanting which had taken place, some of which was captured on video and was circulated on social media, included the phrases (in Hindi) “death to Pakistan” and “death to Muslims”.  We have investigated this and can find no verifiable evidence that there were any chants of “death to Muslims”.  This is significant in terms of the context and I would encourage you to share this with interested parties [4]

In spite of the appeal by the Police in the email to share this clarification widely, this was not widely shared, unlike the first letter which created unwarranted anger against Hindus and incited targeted attacks and violence.

Fake story 2: Hindus on the rampage – Muslim man attacked

Over the following days, Sunny Hundal (extreme left-leaning journalist, former deputy editor for the Independent), Guz Khan (comedian and actor), and many others on social media stoked the flames of religious hatred by falsely equating the cricket fans as Hindus, the Hindu community, and non-existent Hindu extremists. Warnings were made on social media that violence will soon be coming from the Muslim community. Nothing against Muslims or Islam had  been uttered, but the false narrative spread like wildfire [5]

Celebrations that took place following the cricket match in August later became disorderly, a police spokesperson said. “An incident was shared on social media stating that a Muslim was being attacked by Hindus. This was wrong – the victim was in fact Sikh and supported the same team as the people who assaulted him,” the spokesperson said.

Mayor blames Leicester unrest on social media disinformation | Leicester | The Guardian

Fake story 3: Attempted abduction of 15-year-old Muslim girl

The Facebook post read: “Today my 15-year-old daughter… was nearly kidnapped.

“3 Indian boys got out and asked her if she was Muslim. She said yes and one guy tried to grab her.” [6]

The post was liked hundreds of times on Twitter after community activist Majid Freeman shared the story on September 13.

He also shared a message from the police which he said was “confirming the incident which took place yesterday [12 September]” [7].

But in reality, there had been no such incident of an attempted kidnapping.

One day later, Leicestershire Police issued a statement which said that “the incident did not take place” [8].

Majid Freeman later deleted his posts but the fake story kept being shared on other platforms.

Fake story 4: Fake Attack on Traffic warden

Traffic warden video: 

  • South Asian Journal posted a video on the 12th of September where an Imam, Khalid Hussain was recorded interviewing his nephew Mohammed Shakeel Abdullah. In the video, the nephew then claims that he was assaulted by Hindus. The Imam asks if he has video evidence of the attack and his nephew who is a traffic warden with Leicester Council confirms that he has submitted his body camera footage with the Police. [9]
  • This video posted on many platforms such as YouTube drew thousands of viewers. The video was circulated on WhatsApp too. [10]
  • This video was also published by Majid Freeman who was found propagating other false news of the abduction case but it has been deleted now. [11]

In the East Leicester Disorder News published on 30th September 2022 at 15:03, Leicestershire Police confirmed that the report was false. The update on this states was: “On 17 September, a 28-year-old man, from Leicester, was voluntarily interviewed about a report he made to police on 10 September. It was claimed he was assaulted while working as a traffic warden. It was ascertained that this report was false. The investigation continues.” [12]

Fake story 5: Coach from London

There were also claims that coach-loads of Hindus were entering Leicester to cause trouble. A video showed a coach outside a Hindu temple in London, with a voice saying the coach had just returned from Leicester.

The owner of the coach company later said he was receiving threats. He also stated that none of his coaches had travelled to Leicester.

The coach operator clearly stated that none of his coaches had travelled to Leicester in the past two months and provided evidence from the GPS tracker of the bus in the video showing it had remained in south-east England on the weekend of 17-18 September.

Fake story 6: Attack on a Mosque

On the 17th of September, Leicestershire Police issued a statement saying that “We’ve seen reports on social media that a mosque is being attacked. Officers on the ground have confirmed this is not true.” [13]

Impact of such fake news:

The impact of targeted and deliberate fake news is clear to see. The Hindu community in Leicester were targeted, attacked and are now living in fear for their safety. Many families have left their homes that are in the so-called “Muslim area”, still waiting to return.

Many houses and properties of Hindus were damaged. Two Hindu men survived an attack with knives, many were injured including women and one man who was hospitalised and in critical condition. 

The Hindus of the area remain in fear after weeks of violence and intimidation. The Hindus in the impacted area did not leave their house and did not send their children to school for 3 to 4 days last week. Some families have left their homes out of fear of violence, and are yet to return. The local Hindus have removed Aum symbols and the words ‘Shubh Labh’ from the front of their homes. Devotees of Mata ji, the mother Goddess, have removed any photos that were on display in their windows and cars so that the houses or cars cannot be recognised as Hindu s from the street to safeguard from the recurrence of targeted attacks.

A video has been shared widely where young girls are performing the traditional folk dance of Garba in public. In the video, a man using derogatory language raises a question as to why they are doing this in front of a Mosque. Garba represents a celebration of the feminine divine; to raise such questions is to demonstrate intolerance of other communities openly practising their traditions.

Incidents such as these are not new in Leicester. In July 2017, radical Islamists pushed a Hindu man carrying an India flag off his motorbike, causing him serious injury. No firm action was taken by the police then, and many more incidents are happening now. 

Violence and significant threats of violence continue unabated against the Hindu community. Social media has become a hotbed for Hindu hatred, and incitement to violence against the Hindu community is a real threat. The anti-Hindu chanting of the mobs clearly indicates their hatred for Hindus. 

There was no threat from the Hindu community before, and there is no threat now. Even after all the Leicester Hindu community has suffered, nothing against Muslims or Islam has been uttered by the community to this day. 

Extremism has been a substantial blight on our society for decades, but it hasn’t come from the Hindu community. Unfortunately, the past few weeks clearly indicate that Hindus are fast becoming the biggest and most targeted victims of it. How are the authorities going to guarantee the safety of the Hindu community from extremists when serious violence can occur at any time?

Appendix of Evidence

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The BBC and The Guardian calling on a proven fake news pedlar and giving him a platform to further spread lies:

How social media was used to spread fake news: