Far left extremist Salil Tripathi joins the anti-Hindu brigade

Another article in the Guardian by Salil Tripathi who is described as a writer based in New York. His latest book is called Gujaratis. It will be interesting to see his prejudices.

Left-liberal Salil Tripathi joins the anti-Hindu brigade
Left-liberal Salil Tripathi joins the anti-Hindu brigade

Like all left-wing anti-Hindu to the core writers, Salil starts by accusing Modi of the communal pogrom in 2002. Even though the courts have cleared Modi these people keep repeating their mantra. And they will never mention the burning of Hindu pilgrims on a train. This is because for them Hindu lives are irrelevant. This is the extent of their hatred.

Salil grudgingly acknowledges the transformation in India.

The Muslim practice of instant divorce (triple Talaaq) has also been outlawed by Modi he complains. So for a self-righteous protector of minorities, there is no concern for women’s position.

Next, he says that youth unemployment is high but no mention of India being the fastest growing economy.

Salil claims 800 million people get subsidised food. It is to Modi’s credit that the needy are getting the help they need and all Indians get the benefits, not only Hindus.

And Salil brings in South India. They are being short-changed, he says. This is a new one from the secularists. They are trying to hint that South India will drift away.

Finally, Salil says that according to the World Inequality Lab, there is more inequality in India than at the time of the British Raj. The British Raj caused the deaths of 100 million Indians over 40 years. I suppose they do not matter for Salil.

India was robbed of 45 trillion dollars by the Raj. I suppose it is collateral damage for Salil.

Salil sniggers at the so-called carnival of democracy.

28 states, 8 federal territories, 2,400 political parties, and a voting booth is available every 2 km for every voter, 15 million government employees will travel by boat, foot or even horseback to reach the voters. UP alone with a population of 200 million and the size of Brazil will go to vote. If that is not incredible what is? Not for the disgruntled anti-Hindu Salil.

By Nitin Mehta