Labour Councillor Parbinder Kaur under investigation for suspected backing of Khalistani terror group

Labour Councillor Parbinder Kaur is under investigation by the party after showing support to a terror group the Babbar Khalsa. The Babbar Khalsa group proscribed by the Home Office in 2001, was responsible for killing 329 passengers in a bomb which downed an Air India flight in 1985.

Parbinder Kaur under investigation for backing Khalistani terror group
Parbinder Kaur under investigation for backing Khalistani terror group

The Bloom Report last year and even before that activists and government officials have raised the issue of Pro-Khalistani Extremism within the Labour Party. But Councillor Kaur, who is running in tomorrow’s local elections to retain her seat in the Smethwick ward on Sandwell Council, has a history of supporting terrorists responsible for killing innocents and Sikh politicians in India.

In 2022, Kaur shared an image of Dilawar Singh Babbar, a Punjab Police officer who became a suicide bomber to assassinate the Indian state’s Chief Minister, Beant Singh.

A year earlier, she posted an image of Sukhdev Singh Sukha and Harjinder Singh Jinda, the pair responsible for gunning down Indian MPs Lalit Maken and Arjan Dass in 1985.

Separately, the councillor shared a post on a WhatsApp group of councillors and activists in the West Midlands praising former Babbar Khalsa leader Sukhdev Singh Babbar. In 1984 Sukhdev Singh Babbar claimed responsibility for the killing of 76 Nirankaris (a separate sect of Sikhism).

This support for extremism by a Labour Councillor begs the following questions of the Labour Party –

1. Why has the Labour Party not taken any action against Ms Kaur despite the issue being raised with local party officials in the past? There is more than one Labour MP with links to Khalistani groups like Slough MP Tan Dhesi.

2. ⁠Why is no action against MPs like Rachel Hopkins who are hobnobbing with members of the terrorist organisation JKLF?

3. If the Labour Party aspires to form the government, should it not first clean its ranks of terrorist supporters?

4. When will the Labour Party take strict action against Pro-Khalistani Extremism (PKE) and all forms of extremism?