Is the Western press hostile to India’s rise?

India’s rise in global manufacturing has been met with scepticism and hostility from certain Western journalists.

Is the Western press hostile to India’s rise?
Is the Western press hostile to India’s rise?

Ben Wright of The Telegraph, recently wrote that India was on a “rampaging rise,” but his article did not accurately reflect the content of his article. Wright also failed to adequately examine communalism in India, which is a complex phenomenon that is often used for domestic politics. 

The Muslim community is voting for the incumbent BJP in record numbers, and understanding this complex phenomenon is key to engagement with India.

India has seen a seismic shift in the number of multinational giants moving manufacturing to its cities since September 2022. Indian analysts are right to point their fingers at Western NatSec experts wagging their fingers back, as Islamist terrorism and the radicalisation of young Muslim minds are still major security threats to life and liberty.

This is precisely what INSIGHT UK focussed on, while conducting the survey “British Media and Perception”.

Check the below question as an example:

"When it comes to articles related to the region of India, rate how accurately you feel events are portrayed by the following outlets."

90% of respondents felt “the BBC was the worst offender with biased or highly biased reporting on India, with the Guardian coming second at 67%.” 

Download the full report here:

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